LIM Choon Jin 林俊能

Born in 1945 in Singapore, LIM Choon Jin is a contemporary Chinese ink landscape painter that focuses on translating natural phenomena onto the painted surface as a form of visual phenomena.

Characteristically imbued with Chinese literati eremitism and textural painting techniques, Choon Jin provokes subjective and emotional interpretations based on the memories and personalities of the artist and his audience.

In a country bereft of natural mountains and vast landscapes, Choon Jin’s conflict-avoiding tendencies motivate him to situate himself mentally and psychologically within imagined landscapes based on his fragmented recollections of his field trips and travels.

From within his paintings, Choon Jin seeks constructive dialogue, contentment, tranquility and even materiality as a part of his reality here in the heavily urbanised city of Singapore.

This is where Choon Jin’s contemporary Chinese ink landscapes carves out, not just for himself but his audience as well, an imagined visual green space from within an urban jungle.